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Dental Implants

Digital Dental Implants are slowly becoming a reality in Veterinary Dentistry. After the dental implant/implants integrate in 4 to 6 months an implant level impression is taken. From that impression


the case is scanned into special software and custom Ti abutments and Single Crowns or Bridges can be milled perfectly to adapt to each patients Morphology ( Anatomy )


This  Digital Format is routinely used in Human Implant Planning and major oral Reconstructive Surgery. As of now, Dental Implants are not universally accepted in animals and only practiced by a few Veterinarians for many reasons.  Fifty years ago the same skepticism was expressed for Endodontics, Orthodontics, and Prosthodontics in Animal Dentistry. Now, they are commonplace


Here is an exciting look into the progressive treatment of animal oral health.


-Rocco Mele DVM

Case 1: Maxillary Central Incisors,Custom Ti Abutment with Milled Zirconia Bridge ( Screw Retained w Pontic )

Case 2: Mandibular Pre Molar ( Single Crown )

Case 3: Maxillary Central Incisors ( Impressions,Wax Up, Metal Framework, PFM w Pink Bridge )

Case 4: Atraumatic surgical extraction, immediate Implant Placement of the R Maxillary Canine w 5 week follow up

Case 4a: Final CAD CAM Custom Ti ( Anodized ) Screw Retained Abutment and Zirconia Crown. The photos display the computer generated images, the delivered prosthetics / models, and the final seating in the patient. This case demonstrates the accuracy when a Digital Work Flow model is utilized. The majority of our implant/restoration cases are being finished Digitally.

Case 5: Mandibular symphyseal ridge reconstruction with cortical / cancellous bone plate ( custom produced ) plus a 50/50 allograft-xenograft mix, for future implant placement in 5 months.

Case 6: Feline Surgical Extraction of Max Cuspid and Immediate Sub Crestal Implant Placement.

Case 6a:The final digital planning of the screw retained Zirconia Crown of the above Case 6

Case 7: Collection of Implant Supported: Single Tooth, Multiple Tooth and Cantilevered Bridges / Crowns

Case 8: Maxillary 4 Central Incisors. Surgical Extraction w Immediate Dental Implants 2 (4 X 14mm)

Case 9: Slab Fx ( sub-crestal ) of the L Maxillary 4th Pre Molar requiring non traumatic surgical extraction.

Case 10: Bilateral Maxillary Immediate Implant Placement in the Feline..

Case 10a: Final Abutment / Crown Placement for the above Feline Maxillary Canine Implant Case.

Case 11: Feline Maxillary Cuspid Fx ( Alveolar Osteitis ) Surgical extraction and bone grafting in preparation for future implant placement.

Case 12: Osseodensification is a new drilling technique to prepare a immediate or delayed implant site. It utilizes a new designed drill that rotates counterclockwise that condenses bone not cuts. The result is more implant stability and bone to implant contact ( BIC ) This case demonstrate the treatment of 2 fractured central maxillary incisors, extraction, and immediate implant placement. The implants will be re examined in 3 / 4 months and implant stability (ISQ) will be documented for possible impressions. The Densah Drill protocol data suggest that stability may be appropriate to predictably load early.

Case 13: Extraction of the 4 Max Central Incisors of a Canine patient

Case 14: This is a Veterinarians cat presented with a common condition diagnosed as Alveolar Osteitis (AO)

Case 15: Fractured R Maxillary PM4 with surgical extraction.

Case 16: Feline Implant / Restoration Maxillary R Canine. Digital treatment planning and CAD CAM Zirconia crown fabrication.

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