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Dental Implant Replacement Surgery

Medical images contain material that some may find objectionable. View with discretion.




Dental implants (tooth replacement) in human cosmetic dentistry are routinely done. Implants in veterinary dentistry are usually not considered due to the expense and most clients are not aware of the procedure for their pets. We will be working closely with IMTEC a 3m company for our screw form and mini implants. http://imtec.com/. Our custom blade implants and prosthetics will continue to be fabricated at Pricision Ceramics Dental Laboratory in Montclair, California. http://www.pcdl-usa.com/laboratories/ .

Teeth are lost because of:

  • Root canal failure
  • Gum disease (Periodontitis)
  • Trauma to mouth
  • Excessive wear and tear
  • Congenital defects

Placing an implant can have a positive impact by restoring normal dentition and strengthening the bone where the tooth/teeth are lost.

Root Form Implant



Most commonly used implant. The screw type implant is shaped like the root of the tooth. This implant is used when there is ample width and depth to the dog's jawbone. Example of root form endosseous implants.


First Stage / Actual Cases



MDI Mini Implants

Case 1 (Stage I)


Mini Implant Placement                    Temporization Cap                        Post Op X-ray

Case 2 (Stage I)

2.jpg   Up_DDI.jpg

 2.1 x 10mm Mini                       Final Placement                                Comfort Caps                          Post Op X-ray

Case 3 (Stage I)