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9/09 Endo / Retreatment

Medical images contain material that some may find objectionable. View with discretion.




Fractured teeth, enamel hypoplasia, wearing defects are conditions associated with oral trauma in dogs. Some tooth injuries need only a simple restoration. However, many injured teeth require more advanced dental techniques.


"Elvis," a four year old German Shepherd, was referred to our dental practice for several wearing and chipped teeth. The major complaint was that "Elvis" had not been himself lately ( lethargic and poor appetite.)

Our initial oral exam identified the following:

  • Generalized wearing defects and calculus accumulation.
  • Fractured incisor (# 102) with pulp exposure. Lateral incisor (# 103) causing trauma to the lower mandibular canine (# 404)


Pulp exposure

  • Mandibular canine ( # 404) had chronic wearing with a possible root canal. The owner did confirm # 404 had root canal therapy ( RCT) two years ago at another veterinary clinic.


Improper Filling


Our protocol remains the same:

  • Pre-op work up
  • Oral assessment under general anesthetic
  • Digital dental radiographs
  • Treatment of the presenting conditions



  • Dental charting, cleaning, and polishing
  • RCT and crown reduction of maxillary incisors ( #'s 103, 102)


Crown Reduction
Acid Etch
Composite Restoration
Final Rads


  • Failed RCT # 404 with obvious pulpal inflammation and necrosis leading to apical changes ( bone loss.) Retreatment should include removal of necrotic tissue and gutta percha (GP), disinfection of the canal, and re-obturation.


Pulp Removal

G-percha Removal

Cleaning and Disinfection
Resin / GP

Ultra Blend Base

Composite Restoration

Cleaned Canal

After (Final Filling)
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