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8/10 9/10 Surgical Extraction/MDI Mini Implant


"Orrie",  a 2 year old mix breed dog, was presented with a fractured upper right canine tooth (#104) just below the gumline (sub-gingival fracture).  Treatment for this type of complex fracture was surgical extraction and bone augmentation (build new bone). 


    image2_1.jpg               image5_1.jpg               image6_1.jpg

               Fx Canine (#104)                                                         Bone Augmentation                                                   Final Closure



Post Op / Allograft


Removal of this vital tooth may present some future problems:

  • Upper lip trauma from the ipsilateral canine tooth
  • Subsequent bone loss (deterioration)
  • Orthodontic concerns (off-bite relationships)


To avoid these additional problems, a dental implant may promote a simple remedy.  As a result of the implant surgery, we can expect to restore the area to normal function and should not overlook the benefits of a cosmetic restoration.


Implant Surgery


                                                           NO_DDI_1.jpg  NO_DDI_2.jpg

Three month post op / Bone allograft 


           DSC05696.JPG            DSC057021.JPG             DSC05707.JPG           DSC05711.JPG

                          Stage one - MDI Implant                         



          Naomi_Osgood1.jpg                Naomi_Osgood2.jpg    

     Post op MDI Implant 



           Final Crown / Implant       

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