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4/11 - 5/11 Oral Bone Cyst

Medical images contain material which some may find objectionable.  View with discretion. 


Oral cysts are not uncommon in dogs.  Many of these cysts are benign and may cause significant amounts of bone and soft tissue destruction.

Dentigerous are the most common type of oral cysts we treat at this practice.  Usually an impacted or embedded tooth/teeth that have failed to erupt are the cause.




The patient was examined for a painful swelling in the left maxillary area that appeared to be fluid filled. 


After the dental images and examination was completed the tentative diagnosis of dentigerous was made. 

Cyst_1.jpg           Cyst_2.jpg

Surgical intervention was discussed and was scheduled and completed at the same time.




Cyst_A.jpg   Cyst_B.jpg

               Gingival Flap                                          Impacted Tooth / Bone Destruction


 Cyst_C.jpg         Cyst_D.jpg

Cyst Lining Removed / Swab Defining Nasal Cavity                             Bone Membrane                               



  Cyst_E.jpg      Cyst_F.jpg 

                        Particulate Allograft                                            Re-established Maxillary Bone              



                                         Image_211.jpg                AG.jpg     

                                              Six Week Follow up                                          Annie

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