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11/10 Bone Grafting

Medical images contain material that some may find objectionable.  View with discretion.


For many years, bone grafting as a surgical technique has been used successfully in human oral surgery.  By the addition of real bone to certain oral defects, there is the potential to increase the rate and quality of new bone being made.


The veterinary oral surgeon has more options in treating complex dental cases with the development of real bone allografts byVeterinary Transplant Services Inc.  www.vtsonline.com



Bone Grafts Designed Specifically for Veterinary Dentistry


1. Osteoallograft  Periomix:  Osteoinductive demineralized bone matrix (DBM) and osteoconductive cancellous bone chips.


Tooth Extraction Sites

Bone Loss / Saving Teeth

Fractured Mandible

Dental Implants


2. OssiFlex Bone Membrane:  Thin Flexible sheets made of natural cortical bone.


Guided Tissue Regeneration

Oronasal Fistulas

Cleft Palate and Cranio-Facial Defects

Fracture Bridging and Mandibular Canal Protection


Examples of Bone Grafting


CO3.jpg  CO_4.jpg


Periomix / Tooth Extraction Site



           GN_8.jpg       GN_9.jpg   

Periomix / Tooth Saved



       SH_2.jpg  SH3.jpg  

Periomix / Dental Implant


AV8.jpg  AV9.jpg

  Canine Periomix / Ossiflex Membrane


Ossiflex.jpg  OD13.jpg

Feline Ossiflex Membrane / Mandibular Defect 

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