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1/10 Canine Mandibular Fracture

Medical images contain material that some may find objectionable. View with discretion.



F ights with animals in the wild such as coyotes, javelinas and bobcats, can be the cause of devastating and life threatening injuries to dogs and cats. In this case, a javelina got the upper hand of a very tough little four year old Jack Russel Terrior (JRT) named "Dyno." He is accustomed to the wild, however in this situation, he experienced some injuries that almost cost him his life.

Patient info

"Dyno" was referred to our facililty by a nearby veterinary emergency clinic for a possible mandibular jaw fracture. He was treated at the emergency center for multiple deep leg lacerations. Once stabilized, "Dyno" was transferred to our dental practice for a complete oral evaluation.


After a pre-operative assessment was made, a general anesthetic was given to evaluate the oral trauma. The operative concerns were addressed with IV fluids, system monitoring, pain medication, and antibiotics to assure a positive outcome.

"Dyno" had extensive lacerations of the buccal and sublingual tissue around the lower left mandibular body. An instability and fracture were noted at the level of the premolars (#306 and # 307). The fracture extended through the entire mandible.

dyno0.jpg dyno1.jpg

RAD / Fx site

This type of mandibular fracture can be very challenging to stabilize and repair.

Fracture repair is based on:

  • Ease of reduction
  • Type of fracture
  • Health of surrounding teeth and soft tissue
  • Location

Methods of repair:

  • Wires in various configurations
  • Pins / Plates
  • Acrylic Splints
  • Orthodontic (buttons and bands)

Repair involved placement of a interfragmentary wire coupled with an orthodontic band.

dyno2.jpg dyno3.jpg

Wire / Ortho Bands

dyno4.jpg dyno5.jpg dyno6.jpg

IF Wire / Bone Putty / Ortho device

At the one week recheck, an interdental wire was placed to maintain increased stability.

dyno7.jpg dyno8.jpg

Final Fixation


Extensive injuries can be sustained by a wild animal attack. Some injuries can be handled quickly, while others require several surgical procedures to attain a successful outcome. "Dyno" has full funtion of his rear leg and the wires and orthodontic device are scheduled for removal in the coming weeks.


3 Months Post Op

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